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                       Super Nadine                   Owner, Virtual Assistant

Super Nadine
Owner, Virtual Assistant

                             Phillip the Boston                                 Chief of Motivation

Phillip the Boston
Chief of Motivation

In business too often we look at profit points, pricing, timeframes, and mechanics. The truth is, it is the people that count. That is why my virtual services, philosophy, and client base is so different than anything you will find.

My passion is about cultivating long-term relationships with people that offer projects of passion and purpose. Like many business owners, when I can have passion for a project; it is a direct reflection of the work. Even though we may never meet in person, it will be through the connection we make, the work provided, that makes virtual reality. That is my commitment to you!

My professional background is a unique blend of W-2 and Entrepreneur. This balance is critical, as I understand the pain, frustration, and stress of both sides of the aisle. My multi-platform experience and acumen will have a direct and immediate impact on your business of today and its growth of tomorrow. 

What I do best is take the critical operations of your business or project and allow you to focus on management and the income producing opportunities. I am your brand ambassador through email, letters, transcription, translation, administrative, financial, and operational functions. I allow you to be duplicated so you can get more done.

Outside of being an Entrepreneur, my passion is for family first with my husband and the ruler of our house, Phillip the Boston. When not working, I love crafts, traveling, and any live performances. I am currently stepping out to learn to play the acoustic guitar. I am passionate in work and life, and I believe it is present in all I do.

I am passionate in work and life, and it is present in all that I do.