Entrepreneur Mantras

Essential Mantras To Stay On Top Of Your Entrepreneur Game! 

Take note and implement these steps to nurture the more successful Entrepreneur in you!

  1. Do something impactful every day. Do research. Cultivate connections.
  2. Don’t expect instant success. Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint.
  3. Do build upon something that you love. Do what you love and love what you do.
  4. Don’t think it is ever too late to launch your dream business.
  5. Do be willing to fail. A successful Entrepreneur will carve gems from the rubble.
  6. Don’t fear the unknown. Uncharted territory is where the magic happens.
  7. Do illuminate your startup or product with a genuine story.
  8. Do offer amazing service. Clients and customers are the wind in your sails.
  9. Do keep your mind fresh by trying new things beyond your comfort zone.
  10. Don’t ever forget your people. Honor your roots behind your success.
  11. Do invest in social media. It takes a loyal community to build brand awareness.
  12. Don’t ignore or lash out against negative feedback. Grace and integrity are crucial.
  13. Do expose your idea to the elements. It cannot develop if you keep it locked away.
  14. Do embrace your individuality. Rely on your authentic self as a compass.
  15. Do it now! Take action. Craft your own luck. Engineer your own fate. 

Remember that…
Every fire begins with a spark.
Every epic story begins with a single idea.
Every Entrepreneur starts as a beginner willing to jump! 

xoxo nadine

Tasks to Outsource to a VA

12 Tasks Your VA Can Take Off Your To-Do List Today! 

Stop Wasting Time On Mundane Tasks And Start Investing Your Time Into Where It Really Makes An Impact To Your Business

  1. Create and maintain your social media presence.
  2. Schedule your meetings and appointments on your calendar.
  3. Build and distribute your email newsletter campaigns.
  4. Proofread, publish, and promote your next eBook.
  5. Design and update your company website.
  6. Keep on top of your bill payments and invoices.
  7. Organize and supervise your next corporate or private event.
  8. Streamline your electronic filing system.
  9. Design a memory book of your corporate or private event.
  10. Transcribe your conference, business, and personal notes. 
  11. Update your company process procedures and training manuals.
  12. Task away, because a seasoned VA can do pretty much anything!

xoxo nadine

Never Lost In Translation

Start Speaking The Language Of Your Customers 

A Company that has the ability to relate directly and specifically to their audience, wins.

As the internet has expanded and opened platforms of eCommerce and possibility on a worldwide basis, never has there been a time that translation and translation services have been needed more. Companies, as they expand into emerging and developing markets, need to speak the language of their audience. The fact is in sales or services, consumers will buy from their “own”. A Company that has the ability to relate directly and specifically to their audience, wins.

Translation services go beyond the typical thought. Translation of books, manuscripts, web pages, products, instructions, tutorials, and maybe the most important, social media. Being able to connect directly with your audience is key, and should never be overlooked.

Imagine this for a moment:
“You are traveling overseas. Let’s choose Paris, France. From the moment you stepped off the plane, you didn’t have the ability to communicate with anyone. From car services, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, regardless where you went, not one person was able to speak your language. Then after one solid week of difficult communication, you run into a person that speaks your language. Your first reaction, you will get a huge smile on your face, and exclaim 'Thank Goodness' then you would proceed to explain the difficult time you have had over the past week.”

In the scenario above your customers, business partners, and potential of both may be struggling with the very same issue. You want to expand your business or service to a market, but expecting them to conform to you. However, the truth is you need to conform to them. If you do? Result? Never lost in translation!

Libelle Co. provides the very best of the best in translation services. English to German and German to English in extreme proficiency. Not in the sometimes horrible machine/software tools online. However, in the local dialect that your audience is accustomed to seeing and reading. Translation to include: books, meetings, online tutorials, instructions, web pages, social media, advertising pieces, and translation review to ensure proper grammar and language usage.

Gain the market share your company wants and needs today. Ensure your business dealings, customers, and products are presented and presented the way you want and need for success. 

With Me, You’re Never Lost in Translation!

xoxo nadine

Out And About - New York City

Visiting New Places And Meeting New Faces

NYC – The place where a German VA meets an Australian Original


Taking a drive to the Big Apple to enjoy all its plentiful offers always sounds like a good time to me. Especially when crossing paths with the charming Claire Holt. Miss Claire was taking some time for sightseeing with her sister while on break from filming The Vampire Diaries and The Originals on The CW Network.

It was a fun-filled day – So long New York until we meet again. I’m a firm believer that it is imperative to the well-being of one’s body, mind and spirit to weigh out the scales even when it comes to work and play. I work hard and make sure I enjoy my time off. As a matter of fact, so should everyone else.

In order to balance work and play one needs to be flexible and know when work is appropriate as well as when play is proper. Work hard for a certain time, but make sure your play time is proportional to that of which you work. Also, ensure to enjoy life and all it has to offer when you have a chance. Don’t give up the things you love to do. Embrace the balancing act. After all, you get a new shot at it each morning!

xoxo nadine

25 Bangin' Marketing Ideas

Boost Your Small Business Sales 

Let's get into gear and make your business work for you! 

  1. Set daily goals and smash them!
  2. Co-market with non-competing businesses with similar clients.
  3. Send weekly emails to clients and prospects.
  4. Create bundled products or bundled services vs. only individual choices.
  5. Get and promote customer reviews.
  6. Increase word-of-mouth advertising.
  7. Set specific exclusive offers [Military, Student…].
  8. Design specific referral programs.
  9. Ask for a referral immediately after delivering great results. 
  10. Always carry company information on you [Pens, Cards, Give-Aways…]. 
  11. Be present – Run or sponsor local events in your community.
  12. Take a chance and show up / market somewhere different than competitors.
  13. Public speaking at libraries, schools, events.
  14. Cross promote with other business owners. 
  15. Focus on strengths and outsource weaknesses.
  16. Take the imperfect action vs. perfect inaction daily. 
  17. Get found in local directories.
  18. Partner with influencers in your area or market.
  19. Be everywhere networking.
  20. Know your worth, increase prices [Yes Increase].
  21. Create an add-on item/service to offer customers at purchase time. 
  22. Send surprises to your best clients.
  23. Create new products or services to offer existing costumers.
  24. Make contacting you overly simple.
  25. Contact past prospects and survey how you could have made the process easier.

Implement and be remarkable!

xoxo nadine


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